Working for Six Months

As a career counselor, career guidance professional, and HR professional who has hired or placed 1,300+ professionals, I continue to see “trends.”

First, don’t be discouraged about being out of work. As mentioned, if there is 15% or 9% unemployment, that means there is 85% or 91% employment.

As a staffing professional in technology and constantly in the technical marketplace, I want to make a few suggestions to assist people in the “six months and not employed.”

First and foremost, nothing stands out more on a resume showing professionals that were downsized and have not found a new position.

For example,

ABC Bank, Any-town, OH Jun 2000 – July 2011

Lead Developer

Okay, you list your strengths and what you can do for a potential client (remember to view web-sites and career sections to see “what-company-is-looking-to-hire”) and if you match the job, educational, and other requirements, and you get the correct contact name in Human Resources, or you find a contact within the company to hand-deliver your resume and cover note, then you are ready to send a resume to the company.

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