Monthly Archives: September 2011

With the demand for jobs so high and the supply so low, employers are now being very selective and demanding more from their job candidates. This means that marketing yourself with a resume that simply explains the things you’ve done in the past will not cut it. Employers want to understand your ability to add value to their company and be able to envision your potential contribution to the bottom line.

Recruiters look for candidates with strong records of accomplishments that make them stand out against the competition, so it is important that you properly convey your abilities and skills in your career documents.

Recruiters are generally looking for their candidates to have these five things, and so if you are missing one, you may be missing out on your opportunity to get noticed.

Define Your Expertise: When describing your past work experience in your resume, make sure to define your expertise as it relates to your duties and responsibilities. The tasks where you provided substantial results will showcase your areas of specific expertise.

Mistakes of Job Seekers

The way you approach your job search can determine how fast it is. If this negative approach and a bad attitude, it will be reflected in your job search. If your job search without hope approach, the prospects will see when you are ready to have entertained for potential employers and other contacts. This will undoubtedly affect your success rate in finding jobs.

To make your job search easier, faster and more efficient, it is advisable to keep a positive attitude and a few simple rules to help you. To help you make the rules, the three most common mistakes made by candidates to help you know what you should avoid at all costs.

Waiting for your dream job come to you, waiting for your job is to find you a job search strategy. You will not be successful until something happens to you. You have to work hard. You also need to be reasonable about what your vision is your “dream job”. Calculate what you need and then take the necessary steps to get there. The search job search strategies proven to work and then get to work. You’ll be surprised how quickly things can happen when you put your efforts wisely.