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Build your career

Your Career: A journey of your life.

Your career is something much more than a job or career.

Your career is (paid and unpaid) the variety of learning and work experiences that you commit your life.

Career: The amount of work, paid and unpaid learning and life experiences roles you to take over your lifetime.

Occupation: a group of similar jobs in different industries or organizations.

Job: a position in the tasks for the payment.

Our careers are on many factors, such as our interest, our time, our education, our families and our cultural values​​, most of which changes over time affected. In the 21st Century would be very few people have the same job or profession for life. You can expect to make some
Changes in your career.

It is up to you, the active process of developing your career, can only happen instead. You need to plan and manage your career for life. You are the best person to make decisions on your own knowledge skills and interests. But as you begin, remember that there are people that can help and support you in your efforts, and can help and support from others.