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For job seekers

The agencies perform a number of different functions:
• You recruit employees for employers.
• They help to find a job.
• the skills of job seekers by providing specific test can be assessed.
• You can also fix potential employees.

Reliable employment agency can not guarantee that you will get a job, but they can work to help you find a suitable job. Agencies in the UK are regulated by the Employment Agencies Act 1973, which governs the behavior of more than 17,000 branches.

Law banning most agencies require a constant, and it is an insult to false advertising for non-existent jobs to publish. There are also some rules that must be followed during the experience and capabilities of potential employees must be evaluated. These regulations were introduced after similar schemes in Germany and France adopted.

There are also rules for the operation of employment agencies. It is prohibited from withholding wages or fees workers. Also it is necessary. To the employee a written statement of expected income and working hours, and a statement about the status of the contractual obligations International agencies or international in scope, and they are of great benefit to the employers to save money.

Employers are willing to admit that the cost of the search for great new employees can be very expensive. In a volatile market, retention of skilled employees and evaluated, is highly competitive and can cost up to 30% of salary for the first year.

It’s a little cooler than the agencies may charge. It allows employers to provide for services billed. You can also allow people charge for some services, not included in the subsequent adjustment. In some cases, the employee may be requested for training or preparation for a resumption. It should be in a separate agreement.

Employers and job seekers need to realize that not all agencies are not the same, and operate under different conditions. Jobseekers continue labor market, increasing competition, while the economy continues to discuss the recent economic crisis.

Employers can be used effectively when organizations need employees. There are three steps to implementing agencies in the recruiting process.

• Agency can be used in a table may not be suitable for the job, or they can publish vacancies to them. For a wider audience
• interviewed candidates and selected by appropriate tests such as background checks and drug tests to determine the suitability of use.
• Candidates will be accepted by the agency, not the employer, except in case of direct recruitment. Salaries and benefits will be applicable from the agency and the employer determines the duration and conditions of employment.

There are advantages to using agencies for employers released once. Complex task of sorting through hundreds of candidates, many of whom may not be appropriate Organizations to ensure that only the best candidates will be sent to the employer.

For job seekers, it is important to know whether the agency work with the best interests at heart. Employers should also be sure to send these agencies are good candidates to be worried.