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Revive Your Fallen Manhood with Cialis 5mg

When it comes to sexual disorder, for a man, erectile dysfunction (ED) may simply be the worst to have.  Basically, this worst case scenario to a man’s manhood prevents him from successfully have sexual intercourse with his female partner.  This why if you develop this condition, it is more than likely that you will be depressed as well as embarrassed of having developed the condition.  Not only will you not be able to satisfy the sexual cravings of your female partner, but you also will no longer be able to experience the gratifying pleasures of sex.

Of course, not being able to have sex when you have penile impotence is old news.  Thanks to PDE5 inhibitor drugs like Cialis 5mg, you can have the erection you need in order to have sex.  Through the assistance of ED meds like Cialis 5mg, you will be able to revive your fallen manhood and once again be able to enjoy the pleasures of sex.  Without Cialis 5mg, of course, you cannot produce an erection which is why it is crucial that you take this drug whenever you have a scheduled sexual activity with your partner. Continue reading “Revive Your Fallen Manhood with Cialis 5mg” »

Finasteride 1mg Generic for Male Pattern Baldness

In the early times, men who were having hair loss problems and are going bald as they age can do nothing about it, and they are forced to accept that they have to deal and live with it.  Thanks to the miracle of medications and the ongoing research being made about hair loss, genetics and man’s lifestyle, there is something that can help men who are suffering from hair loss problems such as male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia, and that is finasteride 1mg generic.

Typically, hair loss does not mean that you have an underlying disease.  Also, hair loss does not occur when you have poor diet.  Most of the times, your hair just thins out due to different “genetic” factors, your family history (if your father or grandfather became bald when they got older), and your own aging process.  A lot of men may notice a slight yet obvious thinning of their hair while in their 30s and 40s.  In some men, they experience hair loss when they are experiencing normal life circumstances such as changes in diet, temporary severe stress, and hormonal changes like puberty.  Good thing that finasteride 1mg generic can help with such cases.

When you are going to find finasteride 1mg generic at the pharmacy or at an online pharmacy, you will come to learn that its brand name is actually Propecia.  Each one of these Propecia film-coated tablets contains finasteride 1 mg generic as its active ingredient.  Typically, you will find finasteride 1 mg generic as convex-shaped octagonal tabs, labeled with “Propecia” on one side and “P” on the other side.  The shelf life of finasteride 1mg generic is 24 up to 36 months. Continue reading “Finasteride 1mg Generic for Male Pattern Baldness” »