Fluconazole Treatment for Fungal Infections

Fluconazole treatment is a medication necessary for eliminating fungal infections. It is so far the most trusted drug by doctors to help their patients overcome yeast infections on the different parts of the body. Fluconazole treatment basically functions by preventing the fungi from producing a substance known as ergosterol. This substance is necessary for the reproduction of the microorganism as it functions like protection of the cell membrane of the fungi. By having fluconazole treatment, the fungi’s major defense mechanism is eliminated and thus weakening it. Therefore with fluconazole treatment, it is now easier to kill the microorganism and aliminate it from the body.

Fluconazole treatment is acknowledged as the most effective drug solution for all sorts of fungi or yeast infections, with Candida fungi being the most common type. Fluconazole treatment is also good at treating vaginitis, or a type of yeast infection that occurs at the genital part of a woman. Yeast infection in the vagina occurs when the good and bad bacteria in the genital organ is not balanced. This happens when you take antibiotic drugs to fight infections. Yeast infection is very annoying and undesirable as it causes irritations and swelling, and may interfere with normal sexual activities. Yeast infections happen among men too and cause swelling of the foreskin, but this happens very rarely.

Fluconazole treatment has been proven for years in killing all sorts of fungal infections, specially those causing Candidiasis. In fact, single dosage of Fluconazole treatment is enough to kill about 90 percent of the fungi causing infections. However, it is very important that you consult your doctor so that you will know the appropriate dosage for you and about how long you should maintain the treatment. This will ensure that you are able to kill and eliminate all of the infection from your body and no trace left for any microorganism in the bloodstream; otherwise they might reproduce again and even build resistance against Fluconazole treatment. This will make them harder to kill.

The usual dosage recommended for fungal infection treatment is 150mg. Your doctor might prescribe you to take this dosage once a day for 7 days. However this may still depend on your body type and not all people might be suited for this dosing. Elders might need lower dosages. If your infection is severe, you might be advised to take Fluconazole treatment longer than 7 days. This is why it is very critical to pay a visit to your doctor rather than self-medicating to prevent wrong dosage and treatment, and to effectively eliminate the source of your infection.

Candidiasis is a form of sexually transmitted disease. This means that if you happen to have it, both you and your partner should be treated with Fluconazole treatment right away even if your partner does not show any symptoms. This will prevent you and your partner from spreading the infection again. Take Fluconazole treatment as prescribed by your doctor, and continue taking your medications until the end of the treatment period.