IV Lasix – Injectable Edema Treatment

Lasix is a diuretic prescription drug.  This medication is given to people who have fluid retention or edema.  Lasix is available either in drug form or injectable (IM and IV) form.  Drugs are intended to be taken orally while IV Lasix is intended to be injected on the patient intravenously or intramuscularly, depending on the IV Lasix that you have.  For not-so serious cases of edema, a pill form of Lasix will suffice, but for more serious ones, IV Lasix is necessary to relieve the edema off of the patient as IV Lasix is more of treatment that directly focuses on the treatment.

IV Lasix are intended to be injected only.  2ml of IV Lasix is equal to a 20mg Lasix tablet.  Since IV Lasix does not require any particular form of administering, it can be done either at the clinic or hospital, or the home of the patient.  Of course, doctor directions must be followed when you are medicating against edema at home.

When IV Lasix is being administered, it should be given very slowly following the rate of around 4mg per minute.  Dosage for this IV treatment will be based on age, medical condition, and also your body’s overall response to the treatment.  Children being given IV Lasix get their dosage based on their weight.  Patients that have renal impairments though will be infused only at a rate of 2.5mg per minute.

You cannot purchase IV Lasix without the proper medical prescription.  Also, it is more common to find prescription for this drug in tablet form rather than in injectable form.  Nevertheless, Lasix is a prescription drug which is why you cannot buy either without a prescription.  Using Lasix carelessly may bring about electrolyte imbalance.  The side effects of using this drug without the proper directions of a doctor are aplastic anemia, agranulocytosis, and leucopenia.  Prolonged therapy using IV Lasix is not recommended because the patient will be losing to much electrolytes and potassium from urination.

If you are to take IV Lasix, always keep in mind that this is a very serious medication and that they will not make it into a prescription drug if there was no safety issues involved.  If you need to take Lasix for edema, you need to consult your doctor first.  He will then provide you with the necessary prescription to buy Lasix either online or from your local pharmacy.  As long as you have a prescription, you can buy Lasix wherever you want.

As mentioned, while IV Lasix is mostly administered clinically, if you have the proper directions from your healthcare provider, you may also administer IV Lasix from the comforts of your own home.  You have the option to buy IV Lasix online or from a pharmacy near you.  These days though, most people that buy medications buy theirs online.  This is because you can get better deals and also better savings when you buy online.  There are many online merchants that sell Lasix and you can choose from a variety of them on where you would like to make your purchase of Lasix.